Olympia Ranked as the best small city in America to make a living.

May 10, 2016  

Recently finance website moneygeek.com ranked Olympia the best small city in America for making a living.  Olympia beat out other small cities (with populations less than 100k) including Albany New York, Cheyenne Wyoming, and Kalamazoo Michigan to name a few. MoneyGeek compared incomes to cost of living to come up with their list of the 40 best small cities in America to make a living.

Olympia Best Small City in AmericaAll total Washington State placed 3 cities in the top small cities list. Olympia ranked #1 Kennewick ranked #3 and Mount Vernon ranked #32. No small cities in California, Texas, or Florida made the top 20!

The report emphasized that small cities that are State Capitals or had a major university were the top two ways to find a thriving small city.  Olympia being the state capital and the home of The Evergreen State University has both! Additionally Olympia has a working waterfront. The other comment was that our local economy does not have a deep pool of large employers to choose from.

The article also references the median home price being below Seattle’s median price. The State of Washington being the largest employer in the city and a good educational system. All contributing to ranking Olympia as the #1 city in American to make a living in. Job growth in Olympia was approximately 4% during the period of 2014 to 2015.

The full report on Money Geek can be found by following this link.

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